Double Door UV Light Sanitizing Box

0 to 45 minutes Timer

1st Layer with UV Light or Ozone 03

1 removable stainless steel shelve

2nd Layer with UV light (40 degree Celsius, low heating temperature)

2 stainless steel removable shelves

Independent timer control, simple and easy to use;

Ozone + ultraviolet double sterilization and disinfection;

Over-temperature power-off protection, Automatically turn-off when temperature reaches 40 Degree Celsius, ozone leakage protection device;

Steel wire plus electroplating, anti-corrosion;

Suitable for sanitizing clothes, toys, intimate tools, hairdressing tools, knives, 3C products, electronic devices such as cellphones, tables, laptop, etc.;

The paint box (or stainless steel ) material is environmentally friendly, durable;